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Sangoma PBXact UC 100

Sangoma PBXact UC 100


Ideal for Mid-sized Businesses
and Branch Office Locations

PBXact UC 100 is a premise-based appliance built for
mid-sized enterprises and branch office locations looking
to seamlessly integrate IP phones, VoIP trunks, PSTN
connectivity while improving employee collaboration and
productivity with a large suite of advanced features.
PBXact UC 100 supports up to 100 licensed extensions
and 60 simultaneous calls.

PBXact UC is an advanced on-premise turnkey unified communications platform which integrates all your business real-time
voice and IP telephony applications into one full-featured experience. Whether your company is looking for basic PBX features
with the capability of future growth options or enhanced features such as, Call-Center, MS Outlook integration, SMS, IM, CRM
and Help Desk integration, PBXact UC wraps all this into one package. 

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